Train, planes, and automobiles

May 28, 2017

The title describes in a nutshell, our first experience in Spain.  Some students arrived at the Barajas Airport, while some had already been in Madrid for a few days.  Regardless of when they arrived, they were excited, and ready to go.

We left the airport at 11:30am, we took the Metro, and headed towards Atocha Train Station, in order to take trains toward Sevilla, and Málaga.  Once at the train station (fighting the crowd), we were devided into two trains, the group going to Sevilla, and the group going to Malaga.  While we had a short time of confusion, we figured it out, and we were able to enjoy the trip.  All of us ended in the right train towards our final destination.  The four hours trip was pleasant, and some of us had coffee, ate, sleep, talked, or played a game.

Once our group arrived to Malaga, a bus was waiting for us at the station, and took us to Enforex, the school.  There, the students met their “Spanish mom” and headed to their houses to meet the rest of the family, eat a good meal, and finally rest from all the planes, trains, and automobiles.

(Pictures below:  Logan Fox fastened his seatbelt and was “stuck” to his sit for a little while.  Finally, he was able squeeze out of it successfully.   The street where the school is have trees with purple flowers on it.)

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