The first day at the school and a city tour

Our day started early.  At 8:30am we were at the school, ready to take the placement  test.  The students were then divided into three different groups, according to their level of Spanish.  I couldn’t help but to notice that the three professors at the school were very helpful, and created a relaxing atmosphere for everybody.  I am sure, that tomorrow will be a very good day for you. For sure, all of you, students, will leave Spain, at the end of the program with a lot of vocabulary and cultural knowledge, that will benefit your career in the near future.  Meanwhile, let’s have the best of attitudes and enjoy this time.

Talking about enjoying our time…how did you like the city tour?  The city tour covered a few places that are very important in the history of Málaga.  It is hard to grasp that this city that looks modern in many ways, can have such a vast history.  The cathedral, “La Manquita” like the locals call it, was started in 1492 and never finished.  This is why there is a “missing” tower.  However, “La catedral de la Encarnación” continues to be one of the most visited places in this city.  The end of that tour finished at the “Plaza de la Constitución”, a very important historical square, surrounded by modern restaurants, stores and a lot of people.  I hope you enjoyed the beauty of this city, a unique place, with a one of a kind weather, like no other in Spain!



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