The best group in Malaga!

We finally have our Spanish phones (most of us do)!  Through this experience we now know that not all phones and systems are the same, even when the type of phones are the same in the US and Europe.  But in all, we can now communicate with each other while in Spain.  That is a good thing!

The event of the day, was that Dana now has her luggage, after being for five days without it.  I am glad to say that it was not Spain that lost the luggage, it was British Airways (ok, I am smiling as I write this–I’m a little bias).  Everybody was happy to see Dana’s beautiful smile again!  I want to thank all the professors and the staff at the school, that tried to help during this process.

On another note, everything is going very well between the host families and our students.  Usually, the first week is difficult for the students as they get to know a family that does not speak English.  I am proud to say that our students are an amazing group of young people!  They have been open from the beginning to the new culture.  This for sure, will help in the process of language acquisition.

At school, the groups are small.  No more than 10 or 11 students per group.  They attend classes from 9:00am until 1:00pm with a short break of 20 minutes.  While it is intense, the afternoon is much more relaxing.  All students go home for lunch and maybe take a nap.  After, they get to visit historic places, go to town, work out, or go to the beach.

Today, some of the students went on a hike, some went to town, and others studied for their test on Friday.  (Yes, you read it right, I am speaking to you now–your first test in this Friday).  I know that you will do great on that test!  After, on Saturday, we will visit one of the most beautiful places in Spain:  Granada.  Get ready! Lots of pictures are going to be posted here.

All pictures here were taken by students.  By the way, as you see in one of the pictures, the school has a pool!  Nobody gets in it, but they do have one.  There is way too much to do in Malaga instead of wasting time at the pool?!!




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