Saying “Adios” to Malaga

There is a saying that “all good things come to an end.”  In other words, all enjoyable things cannot last forever.  Time has come to say goodbye to Málaga, to the professors at the school, to the beach, and also to our Spanish families in this beautiful city.  We have enjoyed the time here.  We have now, a set of memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.  We have also, a lot of anecdotes to tell our families and friends.  We are thankful, and we leave now, more enriched that when we came.  But wait!  We are not done yet!  We have another two weeks in the south of Spain, in Sevilla.

As we part, this page is dedicated to those wonderful Spanish families that helped us while we were here.  They not only opened their homes to us, they shared their families, their ways, food, and they welcomed us to experience the culture at a different, closer level.  And if we were keen enough, we detected the genuine caring spirit of the Spanish people, their daily routines, and maybe their own individual roles in the family.

Spain is characterized by their passion.  From bullfighting to flamenco dancing, their passion in life is very easily observed.  They think collectively as a society.  This is why, many enjoy spending time with neighbors, eating together with others, going to the park, and living in conveniently located apartments that have all facilities close by.  Eating is an experience, and it is meant to be shared with others.  This is why, the families sit around the table to have dinner together.   Having an afternoon coffee, if you noticed, is an “art” to enjoy with friends.  The “siesta” is necessary in Spain.  It is a time to go home and eat with the family again, and relax for a little while before going back to work again.  Life is less stressful here in many aspects.  Don’t you think?

So here it is.  To all our Spanish” moms and dads”.  Thank you so much for giving!


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