Welcome to Sevilla

Bienvenidos a Sevilla!  With great excitement we arrived to the city of Sevilla on Saturday, June 10th.  This beautiful city is the most important city of the Andalucía region.  Seville is the hottest city in the geographical area of the Western Europe.  The average temperature in the summer is 95 degrees Fahrenheit!  And yes, while it is very hot during the day, the evenings are beautiful!  People here literally, come out at night.  However, it is a peaceful city, home of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites:  the Alcazar, the Cathedral, and the Archivo General de las Indias (General Archive of the Indies).  The Cathedral is one of the largest gothic churches in Europe.  La Giralda, just by the Cathedral, was part of a mosque that was built during the ruling of the Moors in Spain.

The Alcazar is also next to the Cathedral was constructed on top of a Moorish Palace.  The TV show Games of Thrones was filmed here.

The Archivo de las Indias hold very important documents from the time of the discovery of the Americas.

During our first night in Sevilla, we spent time with the host families.  Then on Monday, June 12th, we had our very first day of class, and a city tour.   Our school is right in the heart of the city, literally at a five minutes walk to the Cathedral.  Everybody is excited.  The groups remained basically the same, that is, three different groups with ten students in each class. But during the next two weeks, they will get to live in a new city, with new professors, and more Spanish to be learned!

Bienvenidos a Sevilla! Ole!


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