What we do

Today, I visited a classroom to see how the students are assimilating the language immersion.  They are advancing rapidly, and many of them take part in the discussion, or answer questions from the lesson.  They were also reviewing for the test tomorrow.

After class, some of the students were able to visit other places in Malaga.  Now, you most be wandering why you have not seen pictures of the students at the beach, right?  Simple. The water is too cold.  It will be that way until the wind changes direction, and that usually happens during this time of the year.   However, we see tourists from northern Europe getting in the cold water!

Today’s pictures are from the mountain of San Antón, Plaza de la Constitución, a theater (Teatro Cervantes), and the BBQ is to prepare a typical dish called “Estepo de sardinas.”  Also, there are pictures of the patron Catholic virgin of the fishermen, “La virgen del Carmen de los marineros.”   You will also see some of the food we get to sample:  fried eggplant with honey, and pork tips and potatoes on a Jack Daniel’s sauce.  I must say, that one of the things that the students enjoy the most is the food.  Spanish food is delicious!



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